Steelheads Take Game 1

There were true footy conditions on Sunday at the new field, Sellwood Park for the first game of the Portland 2010 Metro League season between the newly renamed Brewers and Steelheads. It was like a mid-winter game in Australia and a real shock to the system after a run of balmy weather during the pre-season.

Both teams went hard in the slippery conditions, but clean possessions were hard to come by. The Steelheads got off to a strong start with 2 goals to Martin and 1 to Will “The Rock” Sandman. Innacuracy cost the Brewers until Jared “Subway” Ray steadied the ship with their first goal.

Steelheads 3.4.22 Brewers 1.4.10

The Brewers stepped it up in the second quarter. Nick Wirth kept his head over the ball all day and came up with a goal in close. Greeny levelled the scores with another. There were some impressive displays across half forward from Steelheads Benjamin “Jamma” Ratcliff and Jeremy “Jezza” Cover, but the Steelheads got a case of the yips in front of goal kicking 6 points. They kept their necks in front with another goal on the run from the Sandman.

Steelheads 4.10.34 Brewers 3.6.24

Both teams hit their straps in the third quarter with some accurate kicking for goal. Nathan “G Train” Gaebe slotted one through to open his account for the steelheads. Lance Brooks and Kyle Easton went old school with torpedo punt goals for two more. Scott “Mitts” Hager busted through to kick his first for the Brewers. Scotty Johnson was inflicting his usual damage through the middle of the field. Charlie “Jester” Quirk decided to take control and manufactured a goal for the Brewers. Rucking hard all day, Subway Ray weaved his way to kick his second goal.

Steelheads 7.11.53 Brewers 6.7.43

It was anyones game at the start of the fourth quarter with the Steelheads only 10 points ahead. The steelheads got the start they needed winning the center clearances with Nate Klett taking the ruck. A solid lead, mark and goal from Nathan Gaebe was just what the doctor ordered. Sean quinn had proved a hard man to stop all day up forward for the Brewers. After a strong mark he converted the set shot for a goal. The Brewers would not go down without a fight and Mitts broke free of the Steelhead backline for two crucial goals to gain the lead. Jezza responded for the Steelheads nailing one from the right pocket. Greeny roved off Sean Quinn in the goal square for his second. In the dying moments of the game Nathan Gaebe took another mark and goaled to win it for the Steelheads in a nailbiter.

Steelheads 10.14.74 Brewers 10.10.70

Goals: Steelheads – Nathan Gaebe 3, Martin Coventry 2, Will Sandman 2, Lance Brooks, Jeremy Cover, Kyle Easton

Brewers – Scott Hager 3, Jared Ray 2, Greeny 2, Sean Quinn, Charlie Quirk, Nick Wirth

Best: Steelheads – M.Coventry, Scotty Johnson, Will Sandman, Benjamin Ratcliff, Nathan Gaebe, Jeremy Cover

Brewers – Jared Ray, Charlie Quirk, Glen Green, Scott hager, James Begg, Sean Quinn