Brewers Win A Tough Game 4

The Steelheads took on the Brewers for PAFL game #4 June 13. Both teams were missing some key experienced players, but their spots were admirably filled. There was a bit of trading before the game, the Steelheads scored a couple of forwards (Nick and Wes) in exchange for a ruckman (Nate).

It was a cracking contest from the start, with the intensity up a notch after the big game against Seattle. Both teams were hitting the contest hard, but also showing a new level of skill. The hard training runs were obviously paying off. The Steelheads won the first quarter 2.3.15 to 2.1.13.

The second quarter did not let up in intensity with both teams opening up the scoring with 4 goals a piece. Steelheads kept their nose in front 6.8.44 to 6.4.40.

The third quarter the Brewers grabbed control as Mitts and Subway got on top down forward going into the last quarter up by 3 points, 9.9.63 to 10.6.66.

The final quarter saw some costly changes to the Steelheads with on-ballers Jezza and Nathan W forced to move out of the middle due to injury. This was the turning point in the game as Brewers made the most of their opportunities in front of goal and the Brewers were wasteful as they tired badly in the last ten minutes, as usual John McPhee did not get any shorter! What a great game.

Final score:

Steelheads 11.16.82 Brewers 13.9.87

Steelheads – Jeremy “Jezza” Cover 3, Kyle “Plugger” Easton 3, Nathan “G-Train” Gaebe 3, M.Coventry , N.Weinstock
Brewers – Jared “Subway” Ray 7, Scott “Mitts” Hager 3, Alex McPhee 2, Nate Klett

Steelheads – Jeremy Cover, Tim Molloy, Martin Coventry, Kyle Easton, Nathan Weinstock, Benjamim “Jamma” Ratcliff, Nathan Gaebe
Brewers – Jared Ray, Tyler Cox, Alex McPhee, Jacob Gawlista, Nate Klett, Peter “Pele” Blundell