Brewers Dominate Game 6

A glorious sunny day greeted both teams for Metro Game 6. The Brewers had some pride to restore after a comprehensive defeat by the Fish in game 5.

The Steelheads were missing key players Scott “The Silent Assassin” Johnson, Tim “Prius” Molloy and Nathan “G-Train” Gaebe. The Brewers welcomed back John “The Rock of Gibraltar” McPhee back from the Lucky Country. Jared “Subway” Ray was playing his first game as a dad, eagerly cheered on by his angelic cherub Annalise. Glen “Life Membership” Green came in for his penultimate hit out before returning to “The State of Excitement” to accept a 6 year, $184 million deal with the Wembley Golden Oldies.

The game started well with both teams attacking hard out of the gate. Kyle “Evergreen” Easton was living up to his new nickname by showing that his skillful play is always in season. Lance “Tim Rogers’ Mate” Brooks was proving damaging on several key players for the Steelheads. Aaron “The Fonz” Winkler was proving a thorn in the side for the Steelheads by providing a solid center half forward option for the Brew Crew. Mitts “The Ignitor” Hager was proving a handful as a hard leading target for the Brewers, growing in stature as a key forward and leader every game he plays. The first quarter ended closely with the teams neck and neck at three goals a-piece.

The second quarter say the Brewskis start getting a run on as Jacob “Kouta” Gawlista was catalyzing many a forward thrust for the Brewers with his prolific play through the middle of the park. Brandon “The Ram” Snider was accountable and hard at the pill for the Brewers down back, and Subway Ray was showing that fatherhood was agreeing with him by running through the lines and proving some silky smooth delivery on more than a couple of occasions.

In the premiership quarter the Brewers began to really tighten the screws, taking advantage of the missing key personnel for the Steelheads to put the game beyond reach. The big find of the day was Peter “Pele” Blundell who in his third game of “AFL” as he likes to call it, was taking charge of the game like a seasoned vet. The Banana Bender was playing like a man possessed, attacking the Burley like a Taco Bell Chalupa Supreme (hold the tomato), showing that the samba tradition has travelled with him from Rio to the Rose City by shimmying past many a tiring Steelhead defender. The Green Lantern was also proving superb for the Brewers, providing some solid link up play and connecting the ball up with open players in damaging positions. Big John McPhee was proving impassable down back, leading the way for the Brewers by providing great leadership and going on some spectacular runs out of defense.

For the Steelheads, the Derwent Destroyer Coventry, William “Hung” Sandman and Nathan “Bottle Shop” Weinstock were battling hard throughout the day. Jeremy “Undercover Crabcake” was laying some hard tackles and Jason “The Other Brother” Snider was showing he is becoming a solid creative player through the middle of the ground. Despite some good Steelhead performances, the Brewers maintained the pressure throughout the final quarter for a comprehensive win.

A key lesson/observation from a game like this is to maintain a sense of perspective. Whether you’re part of a big win or a big loss, in footy, no team is ever as good or as bad as it seems. In such a chaotic sport, many things can happen on the day that can impact the result of the game, it’s only by sticking to your guns regardless of the scoreboard can we all hope to grow and develop as a club.

The absence of certain key players can have a multiplier effect, in the sense that not only does a player add to the performance of a team because of his own abilities, he generally makes his teammates more effective players themselves. In a sense this is like a rising a tide that lifts all boats.

On the whole a good day for the club. There were some great passages of play from both sides and the Steelheads will be ready to regain some pride in game #7.

Steelheads 7.3.45
Brewers 23.12.150

1st Quarter:
Steelheads 3.1.19 Brewers 3.6.24
2nd Quarter:
Steelheads 3.3.20 Brewers 7.2.44
3rd Quarter:
Steelheads 0.0.0 Brewers 8.1.49
4th Quarter:
Steelheads 1.0.6 Brewers 5.3.33

Steelheads 7.3.45 Brewers 23.12.150

Steelheads: Kyle 3, Coventry 1, Sandman 1 (3 goals unaccounted for)
Brewers: Pete Blundell 6, Scott Hager 6, Subway 3, Aaron Winkler 2, Quirk 2, Wes Brower 1 (3 goals unaccounted for)

Steelheads: Kyle Easton, Martin Coventry, Lance Brooks, Will Sandman
Brewers: Pete Blundell, Scott Hager, Charles Quirk, Glen Green