Game 9: Steelheads Escape Brewers

In Metro Game #9, the Brewers were buoyed by the inclusion of Benjamin “Jamma” Ratcliffe and Blake “The Snake” Kingsley who was playing like he hadn’t missed a game all year.

The Steelheads got the early lead in the first quarter and took command of the game, at the first break the fish led the scoring shots tally 9-3. The Brewers re-grouped in the second quarter and starting applying pressure all over the ground and the game became a much tighter affair.

Big John McPhee was holding firm in defense managing to repel many a forward thrust from the Steelheads. It’s easy to forget that he’ll be 35 next year and won’t be able to dominate games forever. Scott “Mitts” Hager was providing a handful for the Steelheads up forward and providing a great leading target throughout, kicking truly whenever the ball came his way. Pieter “Pay Lay” Blundell was channeling his inner Josip Skoko and had to be reminded that yes, using one’s hands was legal in the game of Aussie Rules. Once he realized this, he started playing outstandingly and managed to take the bull by the horns and snare three telling goals for the day. Jamma Ratcliffe was superb in the ruck taps and throughout the ground, finding himself in all the right places and providing a great link up man all day. The Snake Kingsley was leading at the ball like a rabid mongoose, showing that intensity, leadership and desire for the footy are key elements in becoming a damaging player. Brandon “The Ram” and Chris “Battlestar Sciatica” Snider were showing their attack on the footy knows no bounds, both making beelines to the ball whenever it came in their general direction. Confidence begets confidence, and several of Brewers first year players were stepping up and proving more than a force to be reckoned with.

For the Steelheads, all the usual suspects were playing well. William M. “The Bluegrass Bomber” Sandman was dangerous through the half forward line, and Martin “The Derwent Destroyer” was providing great delivery and run throughout the middle of the ground. Nathan “Bottle Shop” Weinstock was at his hard running best, racking up several key possessions and triggering great passages of plays. Tim “Apollo” Molloy was playing outstandingly, having taken to the game with the animal elegance of a younger, fiercer Dick Butkus. Big Doug E. “Win the Day” Bonham showed the knack he’s developing for footy, seizing the ball from a pack in a crucial moment and kicking his first goal for the year. Grant “Spark Plug” Laughlin was growing in stature every time the ball came near him, showing great improvement the more he plays. Speaking of improvement, Jason Snider, the third prong of the Unholy Snider Triumvirate (UHS), was showing how an effective a player he can be all around the ground, playing great accountable footy and proving dangerous on more than a few occasions.

Going into the last quarter, two points separated the teams. It was a hard fought last quarter with great attack on the ball by both sides. Nikolai “Joystick” Wirth snared his third major of the game in an opportunistic and increasingly savvy performance, celebrating with the unbridled joy of Christine O’Donnell at an abstinence convention.

When the clock ran out, The Brewers suffered the affliction that plagues the untalented drummer – they were simply out of time. On the whole it was a great match by both teams, an even hit out providing great preparation than some of the earlier one sided encounters of late.

The stage is set for the final metro game of the year, Friday, September 26 at Sellwood Park, Sunday the 26th of September. BE THERE!!!!


Quarter 1
Steelheads 4.5.29 Brewers 2.1.13

Quarter 2
Steelheads 6.10.46 Brewers 4.5.29

Quarter 3
Steelheads 9.14.68 Brewers 10.6.66

Quarter 4
Steelheads 13.17.95 Brewers 14.7.91

Steelheads – Will Sandman 4, Tim Molloy 3, Martin Coventry 2, Jeremy Cover 2, Doug, Nathan Weinstock
Brewers – Scott Hager 5, Peter Blundell 3, Nick Wirth 3, James Begg 2, Charlie Quirk 1

Steelheads – Martin Coventry, Will Sandman, Nate Klett, Tim Molloy
Brewers – Charlie Quirk, Scott Hager, Peter Blundell, Blake Kingsley