Brewers Win Metro Grand Final

The Steelheads may have come away from the 2010 Metro season with the better record, but in Sunday’s Grand Final, it was the Brewers who came away with a dominant victory.

A commanding performance in the first half paved the way for a big Brewers win, 15.11.101 to the Steelheads’ 6.14.50. Peter “Pele” Blundell and Scott “Mitts” Hager each kicked 5 goals apiece, and were named best on field for the Brewers along with Bernie Kealy, who had 2 goals and some spectacular marks, and Charlie Quirk with 1 goal. On the Steelheads, Simon Close, Martin Coventry, Jeremy “Jezza” Cover, and Nathan Weinstock all were named best for their side.

The Brewers opened up the scoring early in the first quarter when a Pele kick barely bounced through for a goal. He quickly followed it with another goal, as did Charlie, Bernie, and Chris Snider, who dodged around the Steelheads defense to fit the footy just inside the uprights. The Brewer’s constant possession of the footy deprived the Steelheads of all but a few scoring shots, with Will Sandman having their only goal of the quarter.

End of the 1st Quarter:
Steelheads 1.3.9
Brewers 5.4.34

In the second quarter, the Brewers ramped up their game even further. The Steelheads were held to a single point, while Mitts had an imposing performance, kicking 3 goals. Pele and Simon each notched a goal apiece, while in a highlight of the game, Simon took a spectacular mark to steal the ball away from the Steelheads forward line.

End of the 2nd Quarter:
Steelheads 1.4.10
Brewers 10.8.68

Personnel changes between the teams at halftime led to a reinvigorated competition as Simon continued his brilliant play for the Steelheads, who quickly reversed their fortunes and . Nate Klett, Tim Molloy, and Bejamin “Jammer” Ratcliffe each scored a goal for the Steelheads, while the Brewers were limited to one goal, Pele’s fourth of the game.

End of the 3rd Quarter:
Steelheads 4.8.32
Brewers 11.9.75

The Steelheads entered the fourth quarter on the attack following their successful third. Jeremy “Jezza” Cover and Tim each kicked a goal, but the side were plagued by inaccuracy as 6 of their scoring shots resulted in behinds. Meanwhile, the Brewers gave a strong response as Mitts had another stellar quarter with two goals, while Pele and Bernie each rounded out impressive performances with one more goal apiece.

In the end, it was the Brewers who stood victorious after a strong first half performance. Despite the end result, it was a fast and physical game, and an exciting preview of the groundswell of talent the Power will be bringing to next week’s Nationals Tournament.

Steelheads 6.14.50
Brewers 15.11.101