2011 PAFL Draft Results

Yesterday, at the annual Portland Australian Football League Draft at the Buffalo Gap, the teams for the 2011 PAFL season were revealed. For the first time ever, there will be three teams competing this season. The lineups are as follows:

The Brewers
Captain: James Begg
Aaron Gawlista
Andrew Daniel
Benjamin Ratcliff
Blake Kingsley
Gavin Bruhn
John McPhee
Kyle Easton
Nathan Weinstock
Nick Wirth
Ryan Gardner
Sam Hargrave
Tim Molloy
Tyler Barratt
Wes Brower

The Naturals
Captain: Will Sandman
Adam Foxe
Alex McPhee
Chris Snider
Jared Klingsporn
Jason Snider
Josh Torres
Kerry McCallum
Martin Coventry
Matt Varner
Mike Bennett
Scott Hager
Scott Johnson
Sean Quinn

The Power
Captain: Peter Blundell
Adam Schneider
Ben Hargrave
Brandon Snider
Charlie Quirk
Doug Bonham
Jacob Gawlista
John Gawlista
Lance Brooks
Michael Robertson
Mitch Hooper
Nate Klett
Ryland Phillips
Travis Cartwright
Tyler Cox

The PAFL season begins this Sunday, April 3rd, with the opening match between the Naturals and the Power at 4:00pm at Northgate Park. Brewers players should still come to the match as they will be split between the other two teams to ensure a competitive game.