PAFL Game 2: Brewers vs Power

This second match of the 2011 Portland Australian Football League season kicks off at 4:00pm this Sunday, April 17th, at Northgate Park. This round sees the Brewers taking the field for the first time this season against the Power, who will be looking to rebound after a hard-fought loss in round one.

Players: As always, players should arrive at 3:30 in order to warm up and ensure the captains can divide the teams evenly before the match. Despite their bye this round, players for the Naturals should still attend the game as they will be divided between the two sides to ensure an evenly-matched game. Please let the coaches know in advance whether or not you are able to attend the match, by emailing, or RSVPing to the Facebook event. You should bring a mouthguard and a pair of cleats (plastic, not metal). Players also must pay their membership dues before taking the field ($60 for the year, or $10 on a per-game basis until the full $60 has been paid).

Game 1 was a great start to the season, with 15 players a side, a full umpiring crew, a great new field, a new club scoreboard for players and spectators, and a sizable crowd of onlookers (always appreciated!). This weekend should also be a great game, and we look forward to seeing everyone there.