AFL Grand Final Night – September 28th

It’s that time of the year again; finals footy is here! As usual, the Steelheads will be hosting our annual AFL Grand Final Night celebration to watch the game and help send the boys off to the USAFL Nationals Tournament to represent Portland.

The event will take place at the Buffalo Gap Saloon and Eatery located on SW Macadam St (map). The event will start at 7:30pm with a special dinner menu featuring a number of favorite Aussie meals. The Grand Final itself gets underway at 9:30.

Proceeds from the night will go towards the Steelheads’ upcoming trip to the USAFL Nationals Tournament this October 13th and 14th in Mason, Ohio. Earlier this season the team traveled to California where they won the 2012 San Francisco Invitational Tournament, and they’ll be looking to bring back even more hardware from Mason. Tickets to the Grand Final night are $10 each and can be purchased online via Paypal using the form below or reserved by emailing and paying at the door.


Fundraising Game

We will also be holding a raffle-like fundraiser at the event called Grand Final Squares. The game works as follows:

  • The game consists of a 10×10 grid, with each column and row representing the digits 0-9. One axis represents Sydney, and one axis represents Hawthorn.
  • Participants in the game will buy a random square on the grid for $5 cash or $6 online due to Paypal fees.
  • During the Grand Final, at each quarter time, and at full time, the score between the two teams will correspond to one of the squares on the grid, based on the last digit of each team’s score. For example, if the final score of the game is Hawthorne 85 to Sydney 84, the winning square will be Hawthorn 5, Sydney 4. The image to the right illustrates this scenario.
  • The prizes for quarter time, half time, and three quarters time will be $25. The square that matches the full time score wins a grand prize of $100. It’s possible for a square to win more than once if the last digits of the scores are the same at different quarter times or full time.

So for $5 or $6 you get a 3 chances at $25 and a shot at the $100 grand prize, plus some added suspense during the Grand Final regardless of which team you’re cheering on! Squares for the game can be purchased on Paypal via the form below (update the quantity in the cart to buy multiple squares), or at the event.


Bring your friends and family to watch the most exciting game of footy of the year and help send the Steelheads off to do Portland proud at Nationals. We’ll see you there!