February Announcements

2013 Club Membership

As always, we rely on player dues to cover the costs of field rentals, equipment, etc. As in past years, practices are free, but we need everyone to pay their share before playing in games. Membership costs will remain the same as last year. Membership for the season is $70, or $50 for students. We also allow players to pay $10 per game until they’ve paid the full amount, which is especially helpful for new players who want to just try playing in a few games to start. We’re also offering a deal where you can pay $100 for a membership and a club sweatshirt, which is normally $45 separately.

This year we’re also creating a social membership for club supporters who don’t play. It’s $30 and comes with a club t-shirt. We will also be working to set up special discounts for club members at our sponsoring venue where we hold club events (more on that hopefully to come in the near future). You can pay online or bring a check or cash to our practices or games.

We are also offering discounts off of dues to anyone who can recruit new players. If you can recruit one new dues-paying player then we will take $20 off of your membership dues. Two players is $40 off, and if you recruit three then your membership is free.


This year we are mixing up the schedule by playing all of our PAFL games in the first half of the season, then turning our attention to 18-a-side games against other clubs. We’ll also have more opportunities than ever before to play against other clubs. We don’t have all of the PAFL fields booked yet due to some complications with Portland Parks and Rec, but I want everyone to at least have the important dates for now. When we have the fields booked, which should be very soon, I will send out a schedule people can print out. For now, all of our games and practices will take place at Marshall High School through the end of March. As always, you can check our website calendar for the most up to date info.

PAFL Games will start on March 10th and will be spaced out every other Sunday until the Grand Final on June 30th. The dates are 3/10, 3/24, 4/7, 4/21, 5/5, 5/19, 6/2, 6/19, and 6/30. Practices will be on Sundays in between.

Later in the summer and fall we have several opportunities to compete in tournaments. Seattle is holding a tournament which is currently scheduled for July 20th featuring some Vancouver teams and Los Angeles. On August 17th we will be holding our Stumptown Throwdown tournament here in Portland. So far Golden Gate, Seattle, and Denver have said they will attend, and we may have more teams coming, including some women’s teams. On September 14th there is going to be a new Western Regional tournament in Sacramento which we will travel to. It sounds like it is going to be well-attended and teams will be divided into divisions like at Nationals so we’ll be playing clubs at our level. Finally, this year Nationals is taking place on October 19th and 20th in Austin, Texas.

PAFL Teams and Format

This year we’re also making some changes to the PAFL format in addition to the schedule. We will intentionally be limiting teams to playing 9-10 a side, and playing on a smaller field (like our games later in the season last year using the rugby goalposts). There’s a few reasons behind this: everyone will have more opportunities to touch the ball during games and be involved in the action, it gives us more flexibility for finding suitable fields, and it’ll give teams a bit more autonomy. Players generally won’t be switching between teams like they did in the past two years, so you’ll just be playing for your team. We’re also going to give PAFL coaches the chance to run some drills for their individual teams at practices sometimes. Between the smaller teams and recruiting some new players, we should also be able to have 4 teams. As a result, we’ll be playing back to back games on PAFL game days, with 20 minute halves. So every team will play every other Sunday.

Overall, our goal is to make it more of a serious and competitive league.