PAFL Season Kicks off April 27th

After a couple of months of Ausball and preseason training, the opening round of the 2014 Portland Australian Football League kicks off this upcoming Sunday, April 27th, at 3:00pm at Clinton Park. Friday, April 25th players and PAFL coaches gathered at our ANZAC day BBQ for our annual PAFL draft to determine the team rosters. The draft along with returning players from the 2013 PAFL season resulted in 44 players split into 4 teams (team coaches in bold):

The Brewers

  • Martin Coventry
  • Seth Wright
  • John McPhee
  • Nathan Weinstock
  • Brandon Snider
  • Jason Snider
  • Lance Brooks
  • Martha Baker
  • Ramzy Hattar
  • Blake Kingsley
The Cascades

  • Chris Chalk
  • Pete Mercurio
  • Kris Molina
  • John Gawlista
  • Grant Laughlin
  • Dan Davis
  • Rylan Phillips
  • Barry Spiering
  • Nathan Gaebe
  • Michael Borenstein
  • Jon Palmer
  • Nathan Orrison

  • Tyler Cox
  • Alex Baudouin
  • Paul Francis
  • James Begg
  • Kyle Easton
  • Jorden Fenchel
  • Matthew Varner
  • Peter Blundell
  • Gavin Bruhn
  • Peter Ebbers
  • Paul Kovacevic
  • Scott Johnson
The Ospreys

  • Tyson Okely
  • Alec Morrison
  • Darrin Schnoor
  • Dan Newell
  • Zach Allen
  • Jason Cook
  • Terence Brasch
  • Ben Hargrave
  • Ryan Stewart
  • Dave Morgan

PAFL Schedule

This year we’ll be playing on Sundays starting at 3:00pm at Clinton Park. We’ll start off the day with a co-ed tackle game where anyone can play. This will allow new players a chance to learn the game in a less pressure situation. New players not yet on a PAFL roster or just looking to learn more about the game are encouraged to play. After the co-ed tackle game we’ll have two back to back regular season PAFL matches. Round 1 of the PAFL is Sunday, April 27th and will feature the Brewers vs. Loggers and Cascades vs. Ospreys. The full calendar of the PAFL schedule will be made available shortly.

New players are still welcome and encouraged to join us mid-season, come on out and we’ll put you on a team.