PAFL Round 2


An interesting thing happened at the field today!!! The results for round 2 showed that team unity and cohesion might be the most critical factor in getting a “W”. The Ospreys and the Brewers were the only two teams to play without the assistance of players from other teams, and they were the two teams that walked away with the “four points”.

The Portland weather continues to drain on our patience but refuses to diminish the resilience of our players. A torrential downpour, including a flash of lightning and a roll of thunder, saw many players huddled under the team tent (well played Scotty J for bringing and erecting his tent in record time) or seeking shelter in their cars as the start of play was delayed about 45 minutes. [Yes there was much discussion around 330 if the day would not be better spent in a dry and warm bar. However, the weather cleared shortly before 4 pm and the coed game tackle commenced.

Although shortened in time, the coed game was not reduced in intensity. All new players acquitted themselves very well in slippery conditions. With players numbers limited to newer players (with some help from regular players), effective playing time increased. Wong and Baker, two members of the yet unnamed women’s team starred. Wong showed that she has a knack for using her speed and getting her body into position to dominate contests with the ball on the ground. Baker again proved her worth as a target on the forward flank and in linking play across the forward flank and in the center of the ground. New player Nick showed that playing football was like riding a bike – you never forget. He is going to be handy player. Ebbers, Hattar and Cook, like a premium wine, only continue to get better with time. Great job everyone.

Game 1 saw the two winners from Round 1 match up and before the game you could tell the Ospreys were keen to keep their unbeaten record in tack. Coach Okely has his team warming up on the sidelines during the coed game and they came out on fire with Ryan Stewart bagging 4 first half goals. The Loggers tried everything in the second half to get back in the game, but inaccurate kicking (1 goal, 4 behinds) could not overcome the half time deficit.

Game 2 saw a great contest between two teams desperately wanting to get their first win. The games was played in waves, with the Cascades seeming to have more of the ball and a greater of opportunities up forward. However it was Blake Kingsley who dominated early in the forward line for the Brewers pulling down two huge marks and finishing both with straight shots at goal. In the second half, the Brewers running players dominated play with new recruit Ramzy Hattar making a great transition from Rugby.

Although the Cascades seemed to control more of the play, their inaccuracy in front of goal cost them the opportunity, and the opportunism of the Brewers to make it count when it mattered,

Again – thanks to those players who ran the boundary, or tendered the goals when they weren’t playing. Special mention to Goal Umpire Rick, whose mobility and perfect positioning removed any possible conjecture from a shot at goal that, at the last minute, drifted to be a minor score. Kudos to Sada who kept a tight ship at scoreboard central and is worth more than her slim weight in gold.

Special mention to our Server at Ondeck who attended to us graciously.

Men: Nick


Loggers: Baudoin, Begg, Coventry
Ospreys: Stewart 5, Brasch 2


UMPIRES: Daniel, Klaebe


BREWERS 8 6 54

Brewers: Brooks 2, Coventry 2, Kingsley 2, Hattar, Weinstock
Cascades: Chalk 2, Mercurio 2, Gaebe, Phillips


UMPIRES: Daniel, Klaebe

ATTENDANCE: A few fans turned out in crappy weather.