Steelheads vs. Seattle Results

Portland makes it two in a row over our Northern neighbors.

Last Saturday, the Steelheads headed north to Centralia, WA to take on a Seattle Grizzlies team that was looking to avenge their Stumptown Throwdown loss from earlier in the year. Due to injuries, travel and prior commitments, we took a reduced yet still strong squad of 16 up the highway for what would be a great day of footy in the hot Washington sun. With the decision to play 14 a side so players could get a rest, Goose laid out the ground rules and it was game-on.


The first quarter saw Seattle jump straight out of the blocks and it was obvious that they had come ready for the battle, but after the initial onslaught, the boys settled down and started to get the game back on our terms. Rylan Phillips was doing a mountain of work in the ruck and around the ground, bringing his usual intensity, while AJ Davis showed that he had lost no touch despite moving away, giving plenty of second and third efforts to keep the ball moving in our direction. Mid-way through the quarter, Martin Coventry began to get in his normal rhythm, winning clearances at will and getting the ball down to Ryan Stewart, who, despite playing on one-leg due to a quad injury, was dominating his share of the contests – albeit missing as many goals as he was kicking.

Despite going in to quarter time two goals down, confidence was high due to the strong finish of the first stanza. Some words of wisdom from Coach Tyson Okely and it was back out for the second turn. The backline packed with stalwarts John Gawlista, Scott Johnson and Brandon “Ram” Snider began to get on top, Brian Phillips and Matt Worden gave us good run from half-back, and with Shane Blanden grabbing a late opportunistic goal, the Steelheads had piled on three goals to none to take in a 5 point lead at half-time. The heat was clearly taking its toll on a few, but we knew if we stuck at it and kept working in numbers towards the contests, we had the fitness to run over the top.

The third quarter saw us pick up where we left off in the second, with the forward line beginning to function better. With Nathan Gaebe snagging a goal and Mike Borenstein grabbing everything coming his way and Jacob Gawlista providing a strong target when resting up forward from stints in the midfield. Justin Elliott, too, had some fantastic moments, attacking the footy at 100% and winning important contests to move the ball our way. Another 3 goals from the premiership quarter and we had a handy 19 point lead at the final break.
The last turn was all about finishing off strong and there was to be no Grizzlies comeback. Seth Wright pushed more into the ruck and dominated. Terry Brasch, who’d run himself into the ground all day, kicked 2 late goals, including goal of the day from the boundary, and Simone Shepherd jagged her second, proving she could mix it with boys any day of the week. It was a great finish to a great day of footy enjoyed by all who came out and played in fantastic spirit. It was time for a couple of cold ones before heading back to Portland. Steelheads by 28.

GRIZZLIES         8 9 57

Stewart 4, Brasch 2, Shepherd 2, Blanden, Davis, Gaebe, J. Gawlista, Borenstein

Stewart (Quad)