USAFL Nationals – October 11th & 12th

It’s what we’ve been working toward all season. Next week the Steelheads and Banshees will be traveling to Dublin, Ohio to participate in the 2014 USAFL National tournament. Like last year the Steelheads will be participating in Division III, but with a completely different set of teams in our pool. We’ll be matching up with the likes of the Ft. Lauderdale Fighting Squids, Philadelphia Hawks, and the Calgary B team. The full schedule is available at the USAFL website. The Banshees representatives will be merging with women from the San Francisco Iron Maidens and the Arizona Lady Hawks.

The Steelheads will be fielding a strong team of twenty-one players with a mix leaning to the American side. Dublin, Ohio is not close or particularly easy to get to, so we’d like to thank the following players for making the commitment to represent the Steelheads and Banshees at Nationals.

  • A.J Davis
  • Blake Kingsley
  • Brandon Snider
  • Brian Phillips
  • James Begg
  • John Gawlista
  • Jon Palmer
  • Leah Hinkle
  • Martha Baker
  • Martin Coventry
  • Matt Worden
  • Mike Borenstein
  • Mike La Vella
  • Nathan Gaebe
  • Nathan Weinstock
  • Pete Mercouriou
  • Ramzy Hattar
  • Rylan Phillips
  • Scott Johnson
  • Seth Wright
  • Shadi Hattar
  • Simone Shepherd
  • Terry Brasch
  • Tyler Cox

Additionally, Andrew Daniel will be traveling to Dublin to umpire.

Thank you to everyone who’s helped us get to this point. Now it’s time to go bring home some hardware!