2016 PAFL Round 4 Recap


Cascades vs. Ospreys

It wouldn’t be Portland without rain, and it wouldn’t be Aussie Rules without the Land Down Under’s favorite sons, Silverchair. Why? Because after the first 10 minutes, only a “Stoned” “Blind” “Madman” would’ve thought the Cascades could “Findaway” out of the “Pure Massacre” laid unto them by the Ospreys. “Freak” of the Match – A tie between Opsreys’ Ryno and Nick Wirth, who must’ve heard the Cascades screaming “Abuse Me”, as they each put four goals through “The Door”. It’ll probably take a few days before the Cascades walk in “Straight Lines” again, but don’t throw them in the “Cemetery” just yet – opponents must “Learn to Hate” Scott McGeachin, who was an absolute “Freak” on the pitch, delivering heavy blows and kicking a goal to boot! Everything was coming up “Roses” for Seb Aguiari, whose two goals was “The Greatest View” his team could hope for. In the end, the Ospreys grabbed a much needed win against a Cascades squad gave “Too Much of Not Enough”.

Begg, J Snider

Cascades: 5.3.33
Ospreys: 9.11.65

Cascades: Aguiari 2, Carchedi, McGeachin, Worden 1
Ospreys: Wirth, Stewart 4, Blanden 1

Brewers vs. Loggers

The Brewers entered the day undefeated against a formidable hodge-podge Loggers roster. It seems as though everyone is ready to see the Brewers knocked down a peg (or should we say, keg?)… Perhaps it will happen sometime soon – perhaps even next round – but it was not to be this Sunday. Luke and Seth set the tone for a physical yet contained game, with much of the match occurring in and pouring forth from the middle third of the field where Nathan “Bottles” Weinstock seemed to reign supreme. The Brewers mantra of the match seemed to be “Sharing is Caring,” with six different players kicking at least one goal, but no players were more important to the victory than the solid Jess Blecher and Ramzy Hattar who just seemed to kick and punch the dagger deeper into the Loggers’ hearts. However, the Loggers were not without opportunity — they scored 8 behinds – many coming off of a set mark. Of note, Ryan Coil was a tireless spirit across the pitch, haunting Brewers’ defenders into a constant cycle of tag-in, tag-out; and Chris “Chalky” knocked a number of pills down into the forward third.

Begg, Shepherd

Brewers: 8.6.54
Loggers: 3.8.26

Brewers: Blecher, Weinstock 2, Coventry, Wright, J Snider, Hattar 1
Loggers: Coil, Chalk, Stewart 1


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