Order a Steelheads Jumper

All jumpers cost $25 and orders are due by midnight Sunday, May 22nd as we need to submit the order on Monday.
NOTE: I took down the PAFL jumper order form due to the fact that almost all of our PAFL jumpers have outdated sponsors. We’ll come back around to the PAFL jumpers at a later date.

If you would like to order either a new Steelheads jumper, you may do so below. The cost per jumper is $25. We will try to honor your number requests as best we can, but if it collides with an already owned jumper by an active player we will contact you to choose another number. If you already own a PAFL jumper but don’t see the number listed as unavailable let me (secretary@portlandfooty.com) know so that I can keep others from ordering your number.

If you have an old Steelheads jumpers you must upgrade to a new one, please submit the order below. If you are a new player interested in the Steelheads jumper, please note the available numbers listed in that section. Also, despite what the pictures look like, these are for jumpers ONLY! No shorts…yet.

If you are located outside of Portland and would like to purchase a jumper and have it shipped to you, email secretary@portlandfooty.com.

Sizing information – all measurements are in inches

Chest (between armpits) 20 21 22 23 24 25
Length (from collar to bottom of jumper) 24.5 26 27.5 29 30.5 32

Steelheads Jumpers


Jumper Only – No Shorts or Socks
Buyer’s Name
Requested Number(s)

Available Steelheads numbers are: 0,1,3,5,28,31,34,35,37,38,41,43,45,47,48,49,51,52,54,55,57-65,67-74,76,78-85,87,89,91-98