2018 Schedule Unveiled

The 2018 footy season is here!

The Portland Australian Football Club is excited to unveil our schedule for the 2018 season! With games against the Minnesota Freeze, DC Eagles, Sacramento Suns, and Seattle Grizzlies, in addition to our trips to USAFL Regionals and Nationals and the 2018 PAFL season, it’s set to be a big year!

Our full calendar of trainings and games can be found and saved to your calendar online here, while key dates are listed below:

  • Sunday, April 8th, 3:00pm – Sunday outdoor trainings commence at Clinton Park with a full club training followed by an Ausball game.
  • Sunday, April 21st, 11:00am – Sockeyes travel to Seattle
  • Sunday, April 22nd, 3:00pm – PAFL Round 1 at Clinton Park
  • Saturday, June 16th – PAFC vs Sacramento in Medford, Oregon
  • Saturday, July 7th – PAFC away in Seattle vs Grizzlies and DC Eagles
  • Saturday, July 28th – USAFL Western Regionals in Sacramento
  • Saturday, August 25th – Stumptown Throwdown (vs Minnesota and Sacramento)
  • Saturday, September 15th – PAFC home vs Seattle
  • Sunday, September 23rd – PAFL Finals
  • Friday, September 28th – AFL Grand Final
  • October 13-14th – USAFL National Championships in Racine, Wisconsin

As always, we invite anyone interested to come give footy a try regardless of prior experience or skill. We welcome new players throughout the season every year. If you’re a returning player, invite your friends and coworkers, and let’s keep building our club!