Basic Skills

Learning how to play Australian football? Good onya and welcome to the Steelheads! We love to see new faces learning the game. Here are some videos that, while slightly dated, show you the proper technique for some of footy’s basic skills: handballing and kicking the football.

The hand pass is the basic way to pass or dispose of the ball over short distances. In Australian football you cannot throw the ball with an open palm, you most hit the ball with a closed fist or else it is a penalty and the other team is given possession. Handballs are often made under pressure in a game, so it’s important to practice the proper form until it comes naturally. This video shows you the best form for a handball.

Kicking serves two purposes in footy: to score points by kicking the ball through the goalposts at either end of the field, or to advance the ball over longer distances by kicking it through the air to teammates. If a player catches the ball on the fly, before it is touched by another player or the ground, then that player has taken a “mark” and is awarded a free kick at the spot where they caught the ball. So in either situation kicking accuracy is very important. The best way to kick the ball for passing or goalkicking is called a “drop punt”, and the following video shows you how to do it.

A good resource for learning more are these videos posted by AFL Community on YouTube as well as the AFL Community website itself.