Club Membership

Membership dues allow the club to keep going and help us pay for field rentals, equipment, and other required yearly expenses. Anyone can participate in our practices for free, but to play in a game we need everyone to pay their share. There are two leagues we are running this year, the Co-ed Rec League (Ausball) and the Portland Australian Football League (PAFL). PAFL Members are automatically qualified to play in the Ausball League. We have several membership options available:

Portland Australian Football League (PAFL) Memberships

  • Regular membership for players is $75.
  • Membership for women players is $30.
  • Players that are students have a discounted membership for $50.
  • We also allow players to pay on a per-game basis, so that new players can try out the sport without having to commit to the full $75 right away. The cost is $10 per game until you’ve paid the full $75.
  • Finally, we also have a $30 social membership for club supporters who aren’t interested in playing.
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