PAFL 2015 Season

The Portland Australian Football League, or PAFL, is an annual competition put on by the club. Each year footy players from around the city split into multiple teams to compete against each other. In 2015 there will be 4 teams contesting the Premiership: the Brewers, Cascades, Loggers, and Ospreys. We also do things a little differently during the PAFL season by having 9 players a side instead of the full 18, and playing on a smaller field. This gives players more chances to touch the ball and leads to an even faster-paced game.

2015 Season Schedule

After a couple of months of Ausball and preseason training, the opening round of the 2015 Portland Australian Football League will kick off Sunday, April 26th, at 3:00pm at Clinton Park.

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Teams earn 4 points on the ladder from a win and 2 points with a draw. Ties are broken by the percentage of points scored for and against each team in their games.

Leading Goal Scorers

The top 10 leading goal scorers will are listed below. The order (and award) is determined by goals kicked for only your own PAFL team. The total number of goals players have kicked, including when filling in on other teams, is in the “total” column.


The current 2015 PAFL team rosters are below with the captains listed in bold. If you are interested playing this year and are not currently on a roster, please email

The Brewers

  • Martin Coventry
  • Blake Kingsley
  • Brandon Snider
  • Jason Snider
  • Justin Elliot
  • Nathan Weinstock
  • Paul Kovacecic
  • Ramzy Hattar
  • Seth Wright
  • Shadi Hattar
  • Stephen Stenburg
The Cascades

  • Chris Chalk
  • Dan Davis
  • Grant Laughlin
  • John Gawlista
  • Matt Worden
  • Mike Borenstein
  • Mischa Tucker
  • Nathan Gaebe
  • Pete Mercurio
  • Rylan Phillips
The Loggers

  • Luke Mooney
  • Brian Phillips
  • James Begg
  • Kevin Konstad
  • Kyle Easton
  • Mike La Vella
  • Ryan Coil
  • Scott Johnson
  • Tyler Cox
  • Vincent Pulci
  • Will Sandman
The Ospreys

  • Tyson Okely
  • Caleb Elliot
  • Dan Nowell
  • Darin Schnoor
  • Evan Foulke
  • Jason Cook
  • Peter Ebbers
  • Ryan Maule
  • Ryan Stewart
  • Simone Shepherd
  • Tim Taylor

Game Videos

Check out the video replays from the 2013 season.

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