The Steelheads Are Running

Once again we are having The Steelheads Are Running competition in February to prepare for the upcoming season. Many of you may remember how the competition worked last year, but here’s a quick reminder.

If you go for a run, or participate in an activity that involves a fair degree of cardiovascular activity, then use the form below to record it. You get 1 point for the actual run itself. However, you can also gain bonus points by:

  • Wearing club gear
  • Going with fellow Steelheads (you get more points for the more in the group)
  • Kicking a footy around during or after the run (and for 5+ minutes please, a kick or two doesn’t count)

The competition runs from our pre-season game (which counts) on the 12th to our first practice of the year on the 26th. Activities that count include: going for a run; going for a bike ride; swimming laps; playing basketball, soccer, or any other team sport that involves running; etc. We’re not going to measure out distances or anything but be reasonable about it.

We will send out an updated leaderboard at the end of each week to track the contenders.

Did you go running? Use the form below to record your run and participate in the competition.