Steelheads Are Running FAQ

What the heck is this thing, anyways?
It’s a pre-season running competition to encourage fitness within the team.

So, what’s the scoring system?
You get a point every time you go for a run. There are bonus points possible, too, for running in groups with club members, running while wearing Power or Steelheads club gear, or kicking the footy around before or after a run.

How do I record my progress?
Go to the website and fill out the form. Please record your progress with the same name every time. We’ll tabulate the points and keep a running leaderboard going so you can see who’s tops at the moment.

Does a slow jog around the block count as a run?
Yes, as long as you go for a jog or run it counts as a run. Feel free to slow down, walk a bit and catch your breath if you need — running programs like Couch To 5K alternate jogging and walking, and unless you’re an Olympic athlete already, it’s perfectly fine to take a quick break.

Does it matter how far I go on my run?
No. Any distance is okay, and those just getting back in shape will benefit from a different distance than the dedicated runners on our team.

What if I don’t run very fast?
It’s fine if you’re slow. All dedicated running effort is rewarded.

If I go for walk does that count as run?
No, you have go for a run.

Does anything else count as a run?
Yes, if you actually run in the activity. Examples include playing soccer or basketball. If you have any questions, e-mail

If I go hiking, canoeing, bike riding or climbing, does that count as run?
While those are great activities, this is The Steelheads Are “Running,” not biking or climbing.

What if it’s raining and cold when I want to go for a run?
It’s Oregon in the winter – what do you expect?!!? Strap on a jacket and dry off when you get back home, or go run inside at the gym, you big nancy.

Can I run more than once a day?
Only one run per day will be counted. This avoids over-training.

What if someone is cheating and didn’t really go for a run but says they did?
Then they are just cheating themselves and will be dealt with properly.

What if I’m away from town when the Steelheads are Running?
You’ll still be getting in better shape, preparing for the season, and runs can count for points even if you’re not in Portland, so run, damn you, run!

What are the prizes?

Can I do push ups and sit ups and weights, too?
Yes you can, but this competition is about rewarding running, which is something every member of the team can and should be doing.

What about stretching?
Stretching is great. Stretch out before every run to make sure you don’t pull a muscle and injure yourself badly!